• While The Cereal Entrepreneur is a warts-and-all look at Kaz’s life, chronicling her amazing success, it’s also a love story. Kaz’s love for her wonderful husband Dave and sons Tom and Elliott shines through every page. Her deep love and loyalty for her staff is a lesson for anyone who wants to be a true business success.
  • A beautifully written, insightful, and easy to read book which takes you through every emotion and ultimately shows that you can achieve anything you truly put your mind to - you won't be able to out it down. I laughed and cried my way through The Cereal Entrepreneur, whilst also learning about the amount of hard work, passion and strength it takes to grow a business from nothing. This profoundly honest account of Kaz's incredible journey through life is such an inspiring story. Her fierce determination and love for the people around her is enough to inspire anyone never to give up on their dreams, and will have you looking inward at your own 'why'.
  • Diane Foreman CNZM
  • Anna Roberts-Wray

A small note from me.

This book is my opportunity to reflect on and honour the incredible journey of how Puredelish came to be. The story of my journey comes from the heart. In my own words, I have written this book to heal and make peace with this long chapter of my life – from humble beginnings in retail to letting go of my ‘baby’ that was built out of love, sweat and lots of tears.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey as much as I have enjoyed writing about it. At the time of finishing this book, it has been two years since the business changed hands to the new owners; the day I said goodbye to the only life I had known for twenty-two years.

If I can inspire others to take that leap of faith, to feel the fear and to follow their dream. That is my mission and my why. Know that ‘impossible is nothing’. Through hard work, courage and fierce determination, you can achieve anything.